Get Root Items


Retrieves the root items within a OneDrive Storage account.


Account – the OneDrive account that will be used.

Result – a collection of files and folders within a OneDrive account.

OneDrive Accounts


Click the Services drop down.

Select the Cloud Storage drop down and click the OneDrive button


All OneDrive accounts will be listed.


To add a new account, click the Add button.


Is Active – tells Smartflo the account is still active or deactivated.

Client Id – will be the Application id you received from Microsoft Apps website.

Client Secret – will be the Secret Password you received from Microsoft Apps website.

Click the Ok button when finished.


To edit a account, select the account and click the Open button… or you can double click the account to bring up it’s details.

To Remove a account, select the account and click the Remove button.

Click the Close button to close the OneDrive accounts window.

OneDrive Permissions


Sign in at to get permissions for Smartflo to access your OneDrive storage.



Type in the Application Name and click Create.


Your app will be created and assigned a Application Id.


Under the Platforms section, click the Add Platform.


Choose the Web option that appears.


Set the redirect url to http://localhost::7777/.

The 7777 will be the port you will use in Smartflo. This can be any port but should be unique to this account since there can be problems when many accounts are listening to the same port.


Click the Generate New Password under the Application Secrets.


The Secret Password was created. Copy the password since you won’t be able to access it again. This password will be copied into Smartflo.

Make sure to save all settings when finished.


You will need to open a OneDrive account window in order to save the Client Id and Client Secret.

Copy and Paste the Application Id into Smartflo’s Client Id field.

Copy and paste the secret password into Smartflo’s Client Secret.