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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Newbies View Post
    This is really exciting & the way forward for sure, VERY happy your looking to develop for the cloud.
    Keep going Thomas

    haha I can't take credit for Amazon's new service. Wait, sure I can.

    Edited to add: Read my response to Eyasu about how we can modify the Builder to run offline and online using this service. I think it is exactly where we need to head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyasu View Post
    Do clients have to be always online to access or also they can use our software offline in their respective device?

    Yeah, for this service they would always need to be online. Amazon streams our apps through the internet. So the person would install a Amazon client program, and through that client program our desktop app would be streamed. They don't actually install our programs on their devices.

    Now, we can work on a scenario where they install our software on their windows computer and sync database changes to an Amazon database. They could work offline in that scenario but the syncing would allow them to access database, via the Appstream service, on their tablets running Android or Ipads running IOS.

    Best of both worlds and that type of syncing is something I have been wanting to implement anyway.

    I think for most people who use multiple devices, they are typically always online. Either though the internet or through their cell phone providers.

    Now the questions I have is does it run without any lag?
    How is the speed on cellular connections?

    Like I said previously, even if the service isn't usable right now, I would bet money that it will be within the next year.


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    Thanks Thomas. This is very exciting.

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    Default Research Update

    Ok, I have been looking into this quite a bit over the weekend.

    I would say Amazon is off the tables right now. It's too expensive and I read the tech is a little laggy.

    Microsoft, on the other hand, works as we would want it. Well sort of...

    The technology works perfectly for what we want. Android and Mac users install the the client and through that our software runs as if it was running on a windows machine.

    It looks perfect and from the sounds of it runs very good.

    Now the bad part...

    Microsoft is charging decent prices but on a per user bases. 40 hours a week is charged at 17 dollars a month. If you go over 40 there is a hourly rate but it caps at $23. So it can be between 17 and 23 a month for the user.

    Not bad really and much more affordable than Amazon at this time.

    Now, setting up the users is tricky. This service is set up for corporations. It isn't really geared towards Software as a Service like we want.

    I haven't seen anything that could automate setting up users and such. It looks like a manual process.

    I have been looking through the forums and it is very possible that this can move towards a Software as a Service, service. haha A lot of people have been leaving feedback and it sounds like many want to use it he same way as we would like.

    I have a feeling, with time, it will go our way.

    To recap:

    The technology is already there when it comes to running our programs on Android and Mac. It looks and acts the same as if it was running on Windows.

    The best service and best prices is Microsoft RemoteApp.

    The service itself needs some changes to fully allow us to run our programs as a service. It looks like it is going that way with all the feedback I have seen.

    Good times for us in the next year! I gotta get back to work now.

    After I get the latest ESB version out, I will look into changes needed to run on the cloud asap.

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    Sounds pretty exciting Thomas. Looking forward to further developments!
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