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    Default Premium PLR Series win 10 test

    Hi Thomas and all, I have a new i5 win 10 laptop and all fully updated so apart from all the usual stuff that is bundled with the machine "like most folk" this is a good test for our programs,

    I have 3 from the Premium PLR Series, 1, Ewriter, 2, Spreadsheet, 3, Diagram software, all installed and registered ok, but all had to be ran as "administrator" with out doing this they would hang and a reset was needed,

    The Ewriter has docs for the brander when on the setup page, Spredsheet and Diagram has none,

    Are there any user help files for these and if so where to put them, should there be a help Tab in the built software for the end user?

    That's the only things I could find at the moment, it builds the software, installs and runs great,

    I installed Requirements first....all OK
    ESB installed, registered and ran no problem, and no need to remember to run as administrator.
    I built one small software, just the appointment module but it ran ok, no problems

    So all good so far,

    This is music to Thomas but I did say "So Far"

    Cheers All

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    Thanks for the test Neal. Do make sure to post any ESB issues in the ESB RC thread otherwise I may miss it.



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