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    Default Plans for this new year?

    Happy new year everyone!

    I'm already excited. haha

    I figured it would be a good exercise to post what we plan on doing this year and what we may be doing differently compared to the past year.

    Plans for this New Year Include but not limited...

    I plan on releasing the rest of the upgrades across all products line rather quickly. I will finally be caught up in upgrades. lol

    I am testing out the Premium PLR stuff for the past couple of weeks. I have about 7 programs, for that product line, almost ready to be released. I have at least two more products planned to be built and release in the following year for the Premium PLR series. I imagine there will be more as I continue adding features to other product lines.

    Adding the ability to connect to API's in ESB and Smartflo. I only have authentication to be figured out. Everything else is already implemented.

    Adding more services to Smartflo. I plan to build Smartflo services out in a similar fashion to Zapier.

    Main Website

    As you probably have noticed, I am migrating all products to the ProfitTigerSystems website. That means all affiliates will get credit across all products. I need to finish that up once I finish all upgrades.

    All downloads for programs will be done through the ProfitTigerSystems site. I will announce when it is fully ready.

    Sell.. sell... sell

    I spent so much time in software development that I need to start selling all this stuff I built. It will be a welcome change to be honest. I plan on getting affiliates on board but also will be hitting up Facebook and Adwords for traffic. I need to build out the sales funnels for these.

    I plan on dedicating at least half of my time to selling. A big change compared to almost 100% of my time was spent in building software programs. I may spend less depending on how the affiliates do. I am hoping to see affiliates making 6 figures just from selling my programs. Definitely doable with all the products, but most importantly, the monthly and yearly recurring fees that Smartflo, ESB and Premium PLR will have.

    Hiring Some Help!

    I will be hiring customer support help first and foremost when things kick off. I may even hire a full time programmer if I am able too. We're talking 80k a year for a programmer so I want to make sure the sales are consistent enough to be able to afford that.

    I may try some independent contractors to help in adding services to Smartflo. It isn't a difficult task, but it does take up a lot of time.

    7 Figure Year

    I'm calling it right now, this next year will generate 7 figures in profits. haha Looking over the numbers, I don't see how I can miss it unless I don't dedicate enough time to selling these programs. The nice thing about our programs is the quality allows us to get higher prices which means less amount of customers needed. For example, Smartflo will sell for $49 a month (I have plans for a version that will sell $97 a month)... I only need 2,000 customers to hit close to 1.2 million a year. 2,000 out of millions of prospects is very achievable.

    I hope you are all looking at recurring plans. That would be only one program... expand with more programs for the same customers!

    No Wasting Time

    I have to remind myself not to take time for granted seeing how fast last year flew by us. Having everything upgraded is a huge weight off my chest and will allow me to focus on a profitable 2018.

    On a personal note, I am thinking of buying a RV and hitting the road.

    Now it is your turn to write down what you are planning and what will be different in 2018.


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    Finally, have a target niche - in which I already am currently operating - Tax Issue Resolution - I am an Enrolled Agent and there is a need for software - I am not hurting for work either way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjj418 View Post
    Finally, have a target niche - in which I already am currently operating - Tax Issue Resolution - I am an Enrolled Agent and there is a need for software - I am not hurting for work either way...

    Sounds like you have a great start to the new year, Rich. I bet a great market for software.

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