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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the tips in this thread.


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    I searched for "cpa" in the forum.
    How did this go?!

    Also have you checked out I'm jumping on this hard in the next 30 days?

    I am curious who here has tried this approach:

    step 1 - found some good offers on cpa networks (say insurance quotes, mortgage quotes, edu degrees, health or weight, etc)
    step 2 - create a piece of software that the person most likely to fill out the lead would like. For instance, you want to get leads for plastic surgery or a diet center so you create a meal management software (or whatever).Or, you want to collect leads for real estate brokers so create a mortgage calculator

    step 3 - put links to the offers in the sofware (make sure to use a redirect so you can test)

    step 4 - distribute, distribute, distribute (, paid traffic, etc)

    I'm surprised more people haven't talked about this....I just creeated my 5th piece of software and was curious what others are doing

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