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    Default I know its taboo to ask again but...

    I know i'm visiting this topic again but I was wondering is it at all possible
    to add in the text automation, where we can use Regular Expressions for find and replace:
    I downloaded a text file (could be a html,php,txt,etc). In automation i was able to finally get to
    the subtext i wanted..took lots of parsing to get to what i wanted....lots of actions.
    With a "parse text" i tried it in winautomation, just quickly, and my RegEx ( (?-g)<embed src="\/.*\/.*\/(.*)\?v )
    found it with one action.Is this description link describing the type of editor or is it not something that could be used in RegEx.?
    If it is possible to add i got no probs giving lots of examples of its usefulness in some automation scripts for others to see.
    If it can't be added at all that is ok, just want to know once and for all. I think it is an very handy feature, and used it extensively.
    But, your de boss lol. I must be missing my Parse Text feature ( ) where in web scraping would come in handy.
    I actually have a website that changes the subtext i need often but the regEx grabs it whether it changes or not.
    If it does get added i would do a script and show a video how it works.

    OK..well...this is wishlist Wonderland haha... were allowed to dream in this place.

    ps: i reinstalled Winautomation (uninstalled it just then) just so i could re-look at my web scrape script i did from years ago with
    a regex parse still works.
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    I added a few RegEx actions.


    Will be in the next update.


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