Yeah, we've already had several people come back and buy more, even at the higher prices, which right now are sky high compared to other "plr" products.

It's definitely one of the downsides about affiliates. When the launch ends, it just stops, but we've got a few that put the offer in their autoresponders and I think some are putting it in their blogs. We had 157 visits today after the launch ended, and a couple of high priced sales.

The more evergreen it can become, the better, no doubt about that. We'll need to work on providing some creatives for affiliates to use on their blogs and YouTube channels, etc. Makes things easy for them to promote.

JVShare has now merged with PayDotCom, so we'll be setting up there and on JVZoo also - plus thinking about ClickBank...

I'm also thinking of doing some testing of Facebook ads. It's a little tricky with that for these type of products - not the usual offer, and I don't know if the target audience will be big enough with Facebook ads. Need to research it more.

It's been fun for sure and already making good money promoting to the new buyers.