You have the option to add your own dashboards and reports before you build the setup file.

That means you will probably add your own Paypal account and then do a transaction search. You don't want your details included into the setup so there is some things you need to do prior to building your software.

This is how I added some dashboards.

I created a dummy project where I added my Paypal account and did some searches to bring in some transactions. PayKonect stores the transaction within the software because the Paypal api is really slow. That is part of the reason you want to set up a dummy project and create your dashboards and reports using your transactions.

Once you figured out your dashboards/reports, I then created my project that I planned on selling. I didn't add a Paypal account nor did I do any transaction searches. I just created the dashboards and reports using the dummy project as the template. I just duplicated what I did in the dummy project.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.