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You are absolutely right about being a good practice to go through setting up the whole software again. I have the old software layouts in ESB, so I can get a screen shot of the fields and relationships, and sometimes I look at it and go how did I come up with that. But mostly I think I must have been a genius when I first created it , cause I can't figure it out now. But working through form by form, it comes back. I'm not sending you any files, cause you have your own items to focus on, but thanks for the offer.

Mike M
haha, i know exactly what you mean Mike. I'm the same. I made some really long scripts...and was going through one the other day and thought
um..i just don't remember HOW i did a few things in the script. I think though you have the same issue i do...LIFE, getting in the way.

Been so inundated with others things critical for last few months that when you don't 'touch' things for a while your memory slips (or you just forget..more likely).
I'm having to revisit the PayPal script intensively and break it up to be able to describe how to do specific things and how to DO them easily in a video.
It may be a case of some parts as a PDF...might still do that. Had major PC issues last week (life getting in the way-ish?) so just getting back to that now.
So...be good practice to do it in writing ...easier to get thoughts down and forces you (me) to revisit the software and re-do from scratch so i can do it
But yeah...know what you mean :/