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    A quick FYI...

    I decided to go ahead and implement the new Paypal API.

    When I first looked at it you couldn't get any transactions that wasn't done through the rest API. That meant you couldn't get a lot of your history. They changed it with the Sync API that allows you to get past transactions up to 2016 or so which should be fine for most if not everyone.

    The only issue that I can see is new transactions taking up to 3 hours to show up in the Sync API. That means a new transaction will take up to 3 hours before our software can pull the details down. A definite negative but not something I think will be a huge issue.

    I was planning on moving to the new API sometime. I might as well get it done now instead of later. The amount of calls is considerably less with the new API. Besides adding Invoicing, I will be able to add other things like disputes.

    Overall more functionality with the new API.

    Good thing I am becoming a expert on API's and have a delicious glass of Captain Morgans and coke next to me. I'm ready to get a lot of this knocked out tonight. haha


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    Yeah, that's what Warrior Plus did also. They implemented the new API after all of the trouble with sellers having their accounts closed by PayPal. Turns out there are some pretty cool features with the new one, and the old API was a deprecated one that PayPal was just letting linger for companies that wanted to use Adaptive Payments.

    Glad to hear about the Sync API. 3 hours isn't a big deal. We can just tell buyers in a user guide about it.



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