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    Default Affiliate Promotion of Xtreme Products is almost ready.

    Now You Can Help Financially Support Enhancements While Getting Paid!

    Now is the time to launch this product line to affiliates.I think I started this product line around 2014. lol Like most of my products, I sold it briefly here and there. Now I will be officially opening this product line for sale. I have a new offer that I will be trying out on WarriorPlus and JvZoo.

    I am also increasing the price on this line up to Standard $147, Pro $247 and the Complete Lineup for $299. I got rid of the yearly fees so I will probably end up raising the price once I see how the sales are.

    I will be putting together offers that will lead people to the Xtreme product line. Basically build programs from Xtreme to help sell Xtreme. Crazy I know! haha

    Anyway, these will be open to affilliates who want to promote.

    An example will be my first product called FreedomMap.

    It is a mindmap of internet marketing that has a ton of how to videos already added.

    So the sales funnel will be plr rights (price increases every so many sales) to FreedomMap -> upsell of selling PLR rights to FreedomMap (price increase every so many sales) -> the MindmapXtreme or the whole Xtreme Product line.

    First offer is 100% commissions and all other offers will be 50-50 split.

    I will have these sales funnels on WarriorPlus and JvZoo. I want to test out how well they do on those platforms.



    P.S. Message me if you're interested in getting a copy of FreedomMap for $9.97 or want to sell PLR to FreedomMap for $9.97 plus $47. That will be the lowest price you will see it once I go live with the offer. I will have it ready over the weekend. I just need to update the project to the newer version.

    Anyway, I will be updating videos and pictures to reflect the new version this weekend.

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    We went live this morning.

    You can sign up here if you are on WarriorPlus and would like to promote.



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