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    Default Licensing for Xtreme

    Hey Thomas, all this discussion about licensing, made me think to ask about the possibility of adding licensing to the Xtreme programs in the future. I guess this would fall under "Wish List" too, so if you want to move it there, it's fine with me.

    Plus I think someone brought this topic up before, but I can't remember.

    The thing is...these Xtreme programs are now really, really good, Thomas. And with the sidebar browser feature, they COULD be used as delivery of some premium courses, as a fully contained sort of LMS (Learning Management System), and I just personally believe it would be a higher value selling point to have licensing included in a future version (assuming it can be done), with the features and quality level these programs now have.

    Thanks for considering it, Thomas!


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    Yeah, I can add it Mel. For some reason I just didn't think about it.


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