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    Default Robbie's Cool Plugin

    NEWEST UPDATES at TOP(21 Mar 19):
    New 1.055 update ready...check plugin for auto update.
    Added the ability to export the data table of software activation to CSV and
    import the CSV back into plugin.
    Hopefully it may come in handy.
    I will upload an update once i check fully how the WooCommerce setup
    works with esb-plugin. There's a couple compromises but nothing major
    and it will save me from having to do a download integration.
    Woo has downloadable products and should be set as the ONLY option
    to use for this type of site.
    Will let you know a.s.a.p

    Note for MEL:
    I was thinking of Joan & yourself when i added the import/export.
    As you may have some older software and a big list of software customers
    already. So this will enable you to EXPORT a csv from the plugin and open
    it up in excel and then you can edit and ADD those customers into the
    csv file, save and re-import into Plugin.

    Of course, just rebuild your projects with the activation URL in the software's and
    appropriate software name and put that name into csv file also before saving.
    When they go to activate it the IP will be added also & the date of activation.
    If you DO think you'd do that let m know so i can add a php check for a null
    in the serial_no row and generate one for the fields that are empty..

    Only note regarding DATES...they're saved into database as date('Y-m-d');
    The activation date can be changed..just change it in csv then re-upload.

    EDIT: click plugin's 'update'. Follow steps 1-3 below.
    Then download
    With the upcoming update some editing had to be
    done to the table structure and as it is BETA anyway
    you'll need to delete the created table.
    I'm adding a button to drop the table
    in the newest update.
    So the steps you'll need to do is:
    1.Do update.
    2. Deactivate then DELETE plugin
    3.Download from above, install reactivate... It will recreate new table.DONE!
    [[ don't delay in downloading plugin. i will delete it over weekend and you'll have to PM me]]

    When activating the plugin it checks to see if the tables have been
    created and if yes won't recreate it.Removing it via this way will be simple
    and painless (you wont be able to keep any tests in there already
    but they take minutes to add in anyway).
    The new table has some differences in the back-end so its easier
    just to do this.
    I don't like adding remove tables in uninstall option of plugin
    as you would loose your data when in a live situation.
    But i had no choice just 'this' time and will add a radio check button
    later so if you choose to delete it wont remove table unless you tick checkbox.
    Anyway...i am still working on some major issue but you wont need to
    know about it till,well, I sort it out lol.

    You'll be able to try out the activating with SN and the IP issue.
    There's 2 date fields..more on it later.
    A quick look -->

    Better get back to it. Keep a look out on this first post.

    |ALL testing my end going well|
    This explains a 'little' about what your seeing->

    Soon i may have to delete certain post and possibly even this WHOLE thread.
    I think it would be prudent as we all don't want them seeing the activation process
    let alone being able to download this plugin. :/
    Crap....i just realized....crap crap!!!

    If you missed out just PM me...leaving it for anyone to download is stupid. I'm stupid.
    URGENT: Actually...pretty darn stupid. Deleting it now. I need to TELL YOU ALL something
    in PM later why its important...

    |ALL Please READ A.S.A.P|
    ||Plugin download folder UN/PW protected.||
    ||will post details shortly if u haven't got it||

    Latest version: Please PM me. I need to delete the file from download as
    don't want wrong people getting the code and maybe working a way
    around your software..right?
    Also don't want Goggle indexing the download. :-P
    Most BETA folk have it already. Just use the update feature.
    Thanks for understanding
    6/03/2019 ( we use day/month/year for you American types
    V(1.053) Change the search parameters in software's page to search with any/part
    strings in all if looking for you can just
    search for joe2,wally,choice whatever. Just hit enter ( need to click button if lazy )
    Also 101.204 will search for IP in that range too. IE: 101.204.65.xx
    Tested in FireFox 65.02(64bit) , Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    and Edge.
    Adding the ability to activate software with either payers email OR serial number.

    When successful transaction a random serial No will be added to Database and sent in the email.
    A few reasons why, but more on that another time. l8r.

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    I am interested in this.


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    Keep it up Robbie, Looking forward to see what you come up with!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wfjh View Post
    Keep it up Robbie, Looking forward to see what you come up with!!!

    This is very important. You are working for all of us. What can we help please?

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    ESB WordPress Plugin...almost complete :-)
    Works GREAT
    I decided to do it this way and I'm glad i did. It means that you dont need to mess with
    Control Panel or create a database and upload Thomas's and my edited files to a folder
    nor install a different IPN script and configure that was too much.

    Now, almost don't need instructions as they're included in the plugin's settings page.
    It creates a separate database to hold just the 5 activation columns in their own table.
    You will need to install my plugin AND the WordPress IPN plugin by Angell.
    Together they have solved the need to remember database details etc as
    it uses wordpress $wpdb class to do the magic.
    Been a long time coming...took over two weeks as i have to unlearn mysql syntax and
    learn some different ways using wordpress core files and some of it stumped me with lots
    of errors...but, posted and got some corrections from WordPress guru's and that community was
    so helpful.

    It's just about ready.

    I will update this thread once it's done.

    Also, the plugin i think will eliminate, for the most part, support as it's hard for it to go wrong i would think.
    Tested with 3 different wordpress installs on main domain and sub domain. I need to test it in a folder off
    the main domain, i.e:

    Thanks for your patience...hope you enjoy it and thanks MOSTLY to Thomas for his push and a great piece
    of powerful automation and creative software.
    If you haven't picked up Expert or Smartflo i suggest you get your knees dirty and start begging NOW!! lol


    All going probs with activation. Just a few issues with admin page getting it setup with instructions and
    a few other things. While i was thinking (scary) i decided (as some may not have me) to add in another
    There are several hooks i have added. One fills a new table with your software fields; all the needed things for
    activation and IP recording/checking.
    Another hook fires when a payment is completed and sends YOU an email to let you know of a purchase.

    If you don't have RAP's or similar (which does that for you...refunding them i mean) you still will need to go to PayPal
    and do it through PayPal, right? I don't know...never had to refund someone and go back to PayPal but i'm sure you
    have to,but, anyway...once you DO do that my HOOK will auto-update the IPN table , send you an email it was
    refunded (including other details) and if they try to re-activate it...will fail.
    Thats the plan.
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    That's great news, Robbie. Congrats on getting it figured out and developed. And it will be just in time so you can earn some money from new people coming into ESB as well.


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    This was one of the piece the powerful ESB was missing. You made it at last. I was shouting for help and troubling Thomas for a long time. Congratulations.

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    Implemented the UPDATE process for the plugin.
    Almost there (you said that 100 times :/)
    only one tiny niggle issue to resolve. Its the type that HAS to be resolved BUT..
    working away. Once that's done i will update. Then you can test it out.


    Thomas, you'll have to change thread title to Robbie's Cool Plugin lol

    Just got the software 'refunded' hook code working. Phew. 1000 down, one to go :/
    Just means when you go to PayPal, click a transaction
    and issue a refund it will trigger a hook to send you an email that Mr Serial Refunder dude
    got his last $ back and ALSO update the software DB table with refunded so that it cant
    be re-activated.

    gota go,

    Heres a screen shot showing the software getting activated successfully and both IP's stored in DB->

    Now with after a refund and they try to activate -->

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    Congrats on a job well done Robbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerSoftware View Post
    Congrats on a job well done Robbie.
    Ditto that.


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