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    Default Video's

    I'm a newbie and would really like to get hold of the istructional video's which will take me step by step to create a software application.
    I have my idea what I want and the current info is a bit confusing to me - I know Im a bit slow but that's the way it is.
    I beleive I can do it but what I see here re the video's sound just what I need but...
    Where can I buy them?

    Kev (Gumby)

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    Hi. Thomas has provided video documentation at: However, if you go the first post in this thread by Jonathon and check the signature, you'll find a link to a very good video on building a basic application. I can attest that Jonathon's instructional videos are very good as I am a customer. MikeM's 70 minute video is also very clear and helpful, and I say that as a customer. However, you can check out the basic operations of the software by viewing Thomas's free video documentation at the link above.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GuitarCrazyo View Post
    For the past 5 years i have been heavily involved in shooting still photography, however recently i have been tempted to start including videography in my work, every person knows how to use a basic consumer camcorder, you turn it on and your away however what i wanted to know is on the more advanced video cameras do you set an aperture and ISO value the same as you would for stills or is it basically automatic, also in still photography if a subject is too dark you would slow down your shutter speed excluding ISO and aperture but how do you get a brighter shot in low light if you cant change a shutter speed ?
    sorry for the silly questions but its a different world from still photography to start with.
    There are no silly questions unless it comes from me.

    There is a learning curve but when you understand everything you will realize how damn simple it is.


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    Is Jonathon still around? I checked out his video sales posts, but his domain looks to have gone to hell (or hostgator as the case may be)...

    If he is no longer around, anyone have any idea of how to contact him to obtain the videos... I'd like to shorten that learning curve...


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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathon View Post
    I have received many many emails and PM's asking
    for help with creating new software applications, so
    I decided to finally get over my shyness and create
    a brand new video.

    This video will walk you through the entire software
    creation process, the basics of it anyways. You will
    watch me as I explain the step-by-step process of
    creating a basic software application...

    Plus, a special bonus is also included which should help
    ease the creation process of your first application.

    Please bear in mind that this is my first (voice) video,
    so there are a couple hiccups, BUT, when you get
    done watching this video, you WILL be ready to create
    your first application in 30 minutes or so. (Heck, I did it
    in this video in roughly 30 minutes, and that was with all
    the explanations, so it can, and will, take a lot less time).

    Again, you will see the exact process I use to spit out
    multiple applications each and every day, so the process
    DOES work and is the simplest way I know to explain it.

    A BETTER THAN Money Back Guarantee
    I am so certain that this video will help you create your own
    software application, that if it doesn't, I will give you a free
    1 hour 1-on-1 consultation with me where I will personally
    walk you through the entire process.

    What: Brand New Video Tutorial
    Topic: Basic Application Building Process
    Price: $27.00 (USD, PayPal)
    Jonothan - do you still have this video or what?

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    Yes, it is in my archives. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please PM me and I will send you a link. Thanks.

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    Default Videos

    Are Jonathon's videos available from anywhere?

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