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Ha.... I got the activation to work. I had to turn off 'Enforce SSL' in my security plugin. Don't want to, but for now I guess I'll have to.

Mike M
Mike usually, like my security plugin which didn't activate mine either, you can generally add a URL to a whitelist and
it ignores that URL (I think it was the license.php file url I had to add it, then it activated.
The only other thing to look at is the .htaccess file in the root of public_html. Delete it and go into WordPress permalinks and 'save' and it will recreate it. Maybe there was a leftover rule was another plugin that didn't remove itself.

Just got home... you're asleep like a baby, I think lol.


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I'll get onto that when I get home :p

Please do the plugin update (1.089)

1. Add to cart -->
2. Purchase with Google Pay-->
3. Payment Complete and DOWNLOAD --->

On their orders page: -->
Clicking VIEW -->
Clicking PRINT INVOICE -->

Hope that helps Mike. Don't forget to update.


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Looks like it's all working now Robbie. Good job. I had a quick look into the security plugin to white list a URL. Didn't see any area. I can whitelist an IP, but that won't work. I'll look into it more thoroughly when I get a chance today.

Can you pm me a download link so I can have a copy for my other site?

Thanks for the great work.

Mike M.