Affiliate Details


To edit the Affiliate payouts, click the Affiliate button under the Settings section.


Click the Ok button once finished editing.

Product Details


From the Products list view…

Double click the product to bring open it’s detail view.


The Products main details window will appear.


Additional Product information will appear when clicking the buttons under the Setting section.

Product – the section will edit the Download, Emails and Reseller settings.

Subscription – the section will edit the subscription details for the product.

Affiliate – the section will edit the affiliate payouts.

Joint Ventures – the section will edit the joint venture payouts.

Equity – the section will edit the equity partners for the product.

Coupons – the section will manage all coupons for the product.

Optin – the sectiont will edit the optin code used by RAP to sub customers and affiliates to email lists.


Clicking the Product button will bring up additional Product details.

Adding a New Product


Open the Products List.


Click the New button.


Select which website the product will be added.


Fill out the product details and click Save.

Note: consult the RAP Pro documentation for product requirements.


WebKonect allows you to securely connect to any online mysql database.

Many users will have the same scripts installed over multiple of websites. A Web Api Project allows you to access multiple websites with the same database structure.


Under the Module section, click the Websites category.


Click the Web Api button to display all web api projects.


Adding a New Report


Under the Report menu item, click the Plus button to add a new Report.


The Report Edit window will appear allowing you to create a new Report.


Clicking save will bring up the Dashboard Details.

Active – only active dashboards will be displayed in the Dashboard menu items at the top of Smartflo.

Name – name of the Dashboard.

Category – a category drop down will be created if a category is entered. You can group dashboards together in a single category for easier navigation.


The Dashboard “Smartflo Revenue” was added to the category Smartflo under the Dashboard menu item.