Getting Started


You will need to setup RAPKonect so it can communicate with your RAP Installations.

The first thing we need to do is set up the websites that will have our RAP script installs.


Name – any name that you want to use. This is only for organizational purposes.

Url – the complete base url to your website. Example:

Host – your FTP host that we will use to connect to your website.

Username – your FTP username.

Password – your FTP password.

Port – the port we will use to connect to your website.

Please note: RAPKonect requires FTP access to upload the API and RAP folders.


Once you have all websites entered in, you will need to connect the website to the RAP install.

Click the Installs button under Rap or Rap Pro.


Click the New Button to add a new Rap Installation.


Choose the Website that will be used.

Enter in a name for the Rap Install and click OK.

Now you are ready to start using RAPKonect.