Using Objects


To add a Object source, click Select Object Source in the File menu.


Click the checkboxes for the Objects you want to include and click Ok.


Converting Dashboard Items


The Dashboard Designer provides the capability to convert data-bound dashboard items to another type. To convert the selected dashboard item to another type, use the Convert button in the ribbon’s Edit tab or the corresponding command in the item’s context menu.

Creating Dashboard Items


To create a dashboard item in the Dashboard Designer, click the corresponding button in the Edit tab.


Perform the following steps to design a dashboard item.

  • Bind the dashboard item to data.
  • Perform the required data shaping operations (such as grouping, sorting and filtering).
  • Use the interactivity features to enable interaction between various dashboard items.
  • Adjust the dashboard item’s position and size and specify the dashboard item caption settings.
  • Specify specific dashboard item settings based on its type. To learn more, see Dashboard Items.

After you have created and designed the dashboard item, you can create an exact copy. To do this, click the Duplicate button in the Edit ribbon tab…