Setting a Background Color


To set the background color for a Shape, select the Shape.


Under the Styles group, click on the Fill item.

Select the color to change the Shapes background color.

Adding Shapes


To add a Shape from the Shape Gallery, select the Gallery.

Click on the Shape you want to add.

Drag the Shape onto the Diagram.



The Shape will be added when the mouse button as been released.



Under the View page, you can select zoom options.

Fit to Window


Page Width


Zoom Bar Tracker


The bottom panel also has a zoom bar tracker that can be used to zoom in and out.

Selection Tool


Under the Home page, click the Select tool within the Tools group.


The Select tool allows the user to select shapes either by clicking on the shapes or by dragging the mouse with the button down.

The Select tool is by default activated.

Bottom Panel


The Bottom Panel displays the zoom trackbar and size and angle of the selected shape.

If two or more shapes are selected, only the matching width, height and angle values are shown.

Shapes Panel


Shapes are organized into categories.

The Quick Shapes category contains recently used shapes.

The search form that is displayed at the top of the panel allows end-users to search a shape by its name.

The dropdown button invokes the list of the most recently used (MRU) search strings.



The Canvas is the working area where end-users build diagrams using shapes and connectors.

It shows a grid and rulers that help your end-users to arrange shapes.

The grid and rulers can be hidden by toggling the corresponding options within the View page of the Ribbon.


Basic Actions

To add a shape to the canvas
Drag the shape from the Shapes Panel or select a drawing tool (Rectangle, Ellipse, Right Triangle, Hexagon) in the Tools group of the Ribbon and drag on the canvas to draw the corresponding shape.

To select shapes on the canvas
Select the Pointer tool in the Tools group of the Ribbon and click a shape to select it or drag to draw a marquee over the shapes you want to select.

To resize a shape
Select the shape and drag a selection handle or change the Size property in the Properties Panel.

To move a shape
Select the shape and use the arrow keys on your keyboard or drag with the mouse. You can also change the Position property in the Properties panel.

To rotate a shape
Select the shape and drag the rotation handle with the mouse or change the Angle property in the Properties panel.

To add a connector
Select the Connector tool in the Tools group of the Ribbon and drag on the canvas.

To initiate text editing
Double-click a shape or right-click it and select the Edit text menu item. You can also change the Text property within the Properties panel. The text can be formatted using the Ribbon.

To undo or redo an action
Click the corresponding button at the top of the Ribbon or press the CTRL+Z / CTRL+Y key combination.

To change the current zoom
Hold the CTRL button and rotate the mouse wheel or use the zoom trackbar in the Bottom panel.