Grid Customizations


To turn on or off the Diagram Grid, click the Grid Slider.


If the Grid is enabled, you can change the color of the grid lines by clicking the Grid Line Color item.

Select the color to change the grid line color.


To change the width of the grid lines, enter in the amount into the Cell Width or click the Up or Down arrows to adjust the current spread.


To change the height of the grid lines, enter in the amount into the Cell Height or click the Up or Down arrows to adjust the current spread.


For easier shape placement, you can select the Snap To Grid in order for your shapes to snap into place along the Diagram grid.


Turning on the Snap To Items allows you to control shape placement based on other shapes already within the Diagram.


A dotted red line shows when one shape is aligned to another when Snap To Items is turned on.

Page Rulers


To turn on/off the Vertical rulers, click the Vertical Ruler slider.


The Vertical rulers are enabled by default.


To turn on/off the Horizontal rulers, click the Horizontal Ruler slider.


The Horizontal rulers are enabled by default.

Changing Page Background Color


To change the background color of your Diagram, click the View page.

Within the Page group. click the Color drop down.

Select the color to change the background color.

Using the Thumbnail Tool


To help navigate large diagrams, click the Thumbnail Navigator on the button left.


Click on the red square and move accordingly until the correct position is attained.


Zooming in and out can also be done by changing the percentage or click the Plus and/or Minus buttons.


To close the Thumbnail Navigator, click the X button.

Centering your Diagram


To center your entire Diagram within the viewing area, click the center button on the button left.


The entire diagram will be centered within the viewing area.

Zooming will be handled automatically for best fit.

Pan Tool


Under the Home page, click the Pan tool within the Tools group.

The Pan tool allows the user to move the Diagram for easier navigation.


Diagram Commands


New – creates a new Diagram.

Save – saves the Diagram to the local database.

Save As – saves the Diagram to a picture or clipboard that can be pasted into other applications.

Delete – deletes the Diagram from the Smartflo database.

Edit – opens the Detail view allowing you to edit the Name, Category and Description.

Refresh – refreshes the Diagram.

Undo – rolls back the last change.

Redo – performs the last change.

Print – sends the Diagram to the Printer.

Close – closes the current Diagram.



Diagram documents can be created and stored within Smartflo


Click the Diagram item under the Documents menu.


A list of all diagrams will be shown.

Click the New button to create a new Diagram or double click a record to Open an existing Diagram.