Dashboards and Reports


Paypal transactions will be available for Dashboards and Reports as Data Sources.

If a group of transactions have already been accessed through search, the Dashboard and Reports will use that source of transactions.

Accessing the Paypal API is incredibly slow and thus the need to cache the transactions to speed up time.

Searching Transactions


Click the Services drop down menu.

Click the Paypal drop down menu.


Click the Transactions button.


The Paypal Search dialog will appear.

Start Date – this is the starting point of the search and is mandatory.

End Date – this is the end point of the search and is mandatory.

Payer Email – search will look for transactions with a payer email if added.

Item Number – search will look for a Item Number if added.

Transaction Id – search will look for a Transaction Id if added.

Transaction Status – the status of the transaction which includes None, Pending, Processing, Success, Denied, Reversed.

Transaction Type – the type of the transaction which includes All, Sent, Received, MassPay, MoneyRequest, FundsAdded, FundsWithdrawn, PaypalDebitCard, PrimaryDebitCard, SecondaryDebitCard, Referral, Fee, Subscription, Dividend, BillPay, Refund, CurrencyConversions, BalanceTransfer, Reversal, Shipping, BalanceAffecting, ECheck.

Invoice Id – search will look for an Invoice Id is added.


Clicking Refresh will bring up the Transaction Search dialog to perform another search.

Editing Paypal Accounts


Select the account to be edited.


Click the Open button to bring up the details of the account.

Note: double clicking the account will also open the detail window for that account.


Edit the account and click Ok to submit changed.

Adding Paypal Accounts


Now that we have permission set up within our Paypal Account.

We will need to add that account to Smartflo.

Under the Services menu item, expand Paypal and click the Accounts button.


The Accounts dialog will be shown.

Click the Add button to create a new account.


Is Active – tells Paypal to search transactions for this account. If Is Active is turned off, Smartflo will bypass this account when it pulls in transactions.

Account Email – your Paypal email address.

Username – the API Username from the Paypal API Credentials setup.

Password – the API Password from the Paypal API Credentials setup.

Signature – the API Signature from the Paypal API Credentials setup.

Click Ok once you have everything filled out.


Setting up Paypal Permissions


In order for Smartflo to communicate with Paypal, you will need to set up Paypal permissions.

Log into your paypal account.

Click the Tools drop down and select All Tools.


Find the Api Credentials item and click it.


Under the NVP/SOAP API Integration, click the Request API Credentials.


Select the Request API Signature and click the Agree and Submit button.


Click the Show links to display the API Username, API Password and Signature.