Pivot Form

PivotGrid Overview


The Pivot Grid is a tool for data visualization application for multi-dimensional data analysis


Displaying the Chart


To view the chart, right click on the top of the Pivot Grid and click the Show Chart option.


The chart wil appear on the bottom.

Drag the seperator up or down to increase/decrease hight of chart.

Editing Data


The Pivot Grid is used for analysis and does not allow the editing of existing data.

To edit existing data, click on the Default View drop down and select Edit View.


The list changes to a Grid List and editing can occur by double clicking on a row

Tree Form

TreeList Overview


The TreeList Form displays data and it’s relationships in a hierarchical format.


Editing Data


Double clicking on any record will bring up the Detail View for that record.

Grid Form

Grid Overview


List View


Editing Data


Double clicking on any record will bring up the Detail View for that record.

Adding a Form


Click on the form type you would like to add and drag it onto the Designer.


Name – the name of the form.

Caption – the text your users will see.

Navigation – where in the navigation your form will appear. There will be no navigation if left blank.

Image – double click to add an image.


Select an image from the existing images or…


click the Custom Images to add an image of your own.

Click the Plus button.


Select the image you would like to add and click Open.


Click the Ok button when finished.


The new Form will appear on the Designer.



The Designer is where you will build the base of your software.

It is broken up into several sections.

Form Toolbox

Form Toolbox


The Forms toolbox will contain the many different types of Forms that can be added.

Ribbon Sections


Layout Section

Refresh – reorders the forms into a more organized layout.

Tools Section

Select – sets the cursor to allow for item selection.
Pan – sets the cursor to a hand to allow for Designer navigation.
Zoom – allows the zooming in and out of the Designer.


Forms Section

Edit – brings up the form to edit Form details.
Remove – deletes the selected From and removes it from the Designer.

Text – brings up a list of Static Text elements on the Form.
Hyperlinks – brings up a list of Static Hyperlinks on the Form.
Banner – brings up a list of images that will be shown within a banner.
Browsers – brings up a list of browsers that can display webpages.

Add to Library – add the Form to the Library that can be used to clone in other projects.


Properties Sections

Edit – bring up the form to edit Property Editor details.
Add – add new Property Editor when Form is selected.
Remove – remove selected Property Editor from Form.

Rules – bring up Rules designated for selected Property Editor.
Items – preselection items for Property Editors like Combo Box.
Formula – opens up the Formula Builder for Calculation Editors.



Relationships Section

Select – changes cursor back to arrow for selectibility.
One To One – allows for a One To One relationship to be created.
One To Many – allows for a One To Many relationship to be created.
Many To Many – allows for a Many To Many relationship to be created.


Designer Navigation


To search for Forms, type in text you would like to search on and click the Search button.

All Forms with that text will be brought into the middle of the Designer.

Clicking the Search will bring the next Form that meets the text criteria into focus.


To bring the diagram into the center of the Designer, click the center button on the bottom left.


Click the Thumbnail button to see a Thumbnail view of the entire diagram.

Moving the Red square will move the main diagram.

Zooming in and out can be accomplished by changing the 100% or by clicking the + or – buttons.