Creating a Trial Version


You can allow your users to use the full funcationality of your programs for a limited amount of uses.

After they use it so many times the software will stop opening up.

To add a trial version, click the Trial button at the top.


Trial Period (in Days) – this will be how many times a user can interact with your program before it turns off.

Trial Activation Serial – this will be a hard coded serial that the user can enter in the activate your program.

Note: do not use the Trial Activation Serial if you want to using the Licensing built in.


Under the Html tab, paste html that will be shown to the user when starting the program.


The Trial window will be displayed to the end user.

To use the program, in Trial mode, the user simply clickson the Run Trial button.

Once the Trial is finished, the Run Trial button will disappear leading the user to activate the program in order to use it further.