Filtering Data

Filter Dropdown List


Hover over the column header and click the filter button within the column header that appears.

Creating a Simple Filter


Invoke the filter dropdown list containing available filter values.

Select the required filter value in the filter dropdown list.

Excel Style Filter Dialog


Invoke the filter dropdown list (see above) and click Custom.

This will invoke the Custom Filter Dialog, allowing you to compare a column with one or two values:

Advanced Filter Dialog


Right-click any column’s header and select Filter Editor.


If the filter panel at the bottom of the grid control is visible, click the Edit Filter button


The Filter Editor is also invoked when choosing the (Custom) item in a column’s filter dropdown list, if the current filter criteria applied to the column consists of three or more simple filter conditions, or if the filter criteria contain advanced comparison operators such as “Is between” and “Is any of”.

Clearing the Filter


To clear the filter applied to a specific column, do one of the following:

  1. Invoke the filter dropdown list (see below) and click (All).
  2. In Grid Views, right-click the column header and select Clear Filter.

To clear all filter criteria, click the Close Filter button within the Filter Panel:

Disable/Enable the Filter


Click the Enable Filter button within the Filter Panel.