Get All Records Builder

The Get All Records Action Builder will retrieve all records for a given object type.

Loop through each record and get all properties specified.


Select the Business Object Type that will be retrieved.

Click the arrow on the right to select from a list of object types.

Click next once one is selected.


Select the properties, of the object type, that will be retrieved.

Select the Property.

Type in a Variable name or select from a list of existing Variables that will hold the value of the property.

Click the Plus button to add that property to the list to be retrieved.

Click Finish once all property values have to be retrieved have been added.

Note: All property variables will need to be set prior to running this portion of the script.

Created Script


Get All Records – retrieves all records for a object type and sets the record collection to a variable.

Loop Record Collection – loops through the record collection to process each record contained. The variable that holds the current record is CurrentItem.

Get Property (Get Product) – this retrieves the value of the property and puts that value into a variable. There will be a Get Property action for each property that was added.