Get Elements with Paging Action Builder


Retrieves all elements that match a specific criteria and loops through each element. for each Page.


Select the “Next” button item that will be used to move to the next page.

Select the total amount of pages that will be looped through.

A Page Count of 0 will loop until the “Next” button is not present.

Created Script


Get Search Elements – retrieves elements based on a criteria and sets it to a variable.

Note: the current element, within the loop,will be set to the CurrentItem variable.


Get Element Tag – retrieves the Tag of the current element.


Since elements retrieved can be of differing types, a If action is added for each element tag found in the ElementCollection.

In this case, the CurrentItem will check to see if it is a Link Element.


Has Tag – if the element does have the correct tag, all actions within this sequence will be performed.

Get Attribute Value – retrieves a attribute value from the CurrentItem.