Insert a Page Break


You can insert a page break in your document anywhere you want. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Point to the position within a document where you want to insert a page break.
  2. Click the Page button on the Pages toolbar…

… or click the Breaks button on the Page Setup toolbar and select Page from the invoked list (press CTRL+ENTER for keyboard shortcut).


To show the page break mark, press CTRL+SHIFT+8 or click the Show/Hide button on the Paragraph toolbar.


Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert Breaks

CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER Inserts a column break in a document.
CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE Inserts a non-breaking space.
CTRL+ENTER Inserts a page break.
ENTER Inserts a paragraph break.
SHIFT+ENTER Inserts a line break. TAB Inserts a tab