Insert a Symbol


The Editor allows you to insert symbols that are not on your keyboard, such as copyright symbols, trademark symbols, paragraph marks.

To insert a symbol, do the following:

  1. Point to the position within the document where you want to insert a symbol.
  2. Click the Symbol button on the Symbols toolbar.

The Symbol dialog will be invoked.

Select the symbol to be inserted and click OK, or double-click the symbol.

In addition, some symbols can be inserted in the document using default keyboard shortcuts:

CTRL+ALT+C Inserts the copyright (©) symbol.
CTRL+ALT+OEMPERIOD Inserts the ellipsis () symbol.
CTRL+ALT+R Inserts the registered trademark (®) symbol.
CTRL+ALT+- Inserts the em dash () symbol.
CTRL+ALT+T Inserts the trademark sign () symbol.
CTRL+- Inserts the en dash (-) symbol.