License Activation


There is licensing activation built into the Premium PLR software programs.

To activate the licensing mechanism, click the Trial button at the top.


There are two ways to allow for activation.

Trial Activation Serial is a hard coded serial that can be used to activate the software. The ramifications of using this as a licensing mechanism is that the serial can be shared. There is no way to maintain licensing on a user basis.

Licensing Url allows you to check a online script to see if the user has a current license or not.

Activation Serial


To use the Activation Serial, simply type in a activation serial into the Trial Activation Serial.

When a customer purchases your program, you will need to send them this Activation Serial.

Keep this field empty if you do not wish to use this type of activation.

Online Activation


Online licensing allows you to control activation on a user basis.

The software will call a online script and the script will return a True for an active license and False for a inactive license.

The Premium PLR software programs will send two variable when it makes the call to the script. The serial/email that the user enters and a Product Name.

License Url – the url of the script ESB will call.

Product Name – the name of the product that will be sent to the script.



The contents of the Licensing Script will need to be uploaded to your server.

The Url to the script will need to include the Index.php file when adding it to the License Url.


Since customers use all sorts of payments processing, it is up to you to incorporate a call to either your payment service provider ot to a local database.


Additional code to contact your payment processor or make a database call will need to be added in this section of the Licensing Script.

The Premium PLR programs expect a True if there is a active license or false if there is a inactive license.

The script shows how to return a True; Simple echo false for a inactive license.

You can download the Licensing Files by clicking here.