Paypal Transactions

Due to the poor construction of Paypal’s api, the retrieval process can not only be combersome but also very slow.

PayKonect stores all transactions locally to reduce the impact of Paypal’s slow api.

This allows you immediate access to transactions in both Dashboards and Reports.


Under the Home menu item, click the Transactions button.


A list of all previously search transactions will appear.

If there are no transactions, the Search dialog window will display allowing you to search Paypal.

Search Dialog


Start Date – this is the starting point of the search and is mandatory.

End Date – this is the end point of the search and is mandatory.

Payer Email – search will look for transactions with a payer email if added.

Item Number – search will look for a Item Number if added.

Transaction Id – search will look for a Transaction Id if added.

Transaction Status – the status of the transaction which includes None, Pending, Processing, Success, Denied, Reversed.

Transaction Type – the type of the transaction which includes All, Sent, Received, MassPay, MoneyRequest, FundsAdded, FundsWithdrawn, PaypalDebitCard, PrimaryDebitCard, SecondaryDebitCard, Referral, Fee, Subscription, Dividend, BillPay, Refund, CurrencyConversions, BalanceTransfer, Reversal, Shipping, BalanceAffecting, ECheck.

Invoice Id – search will look for an Invoice Id is added.

Synchronization Transactions


Since PayKonect stores search results for fast and easy access, you will want to synchronize current transactions with PayKonect local transactions.

Click the Sync Transactions window to bring up the Search Dialog.

PayKonect will connect to Paypal and bring back all transactions that fit your search criteria.

All transactions that already exist within PayKonect will be updated.

All transactions that don’t exist will be added.

Dashboards and Reports will use the locally cached transactions.