Sorting Data

Sort List Data


Select the field that you wish to use as filter criteria. The field must be located inside a Snap list.

This automatically activates the contextual Field tab in the main toolbar.

In the Field tab, click the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending button, depending on the required sort order.

The list will automatically be updated to reflect the sorting applied.


Sort commands are also available in the context menu.

Sort Mail Merge Data


Switch to the Mail Merge tab of the main toolbar and click the Sort command.


Click the Add Level button in the invoked Sort dialog. Specify the sort criteria and sort order for the additional sort level.


To change the order in which sort levels are applied to the document, use the arrow buttons.


To view the result, click the Finish & Merge button in the Mail Merge tab of the main toolbar, and select Print Preview… in the invoked drop-down menu. In the invoked Export Range dialog, select All records and click OK.