Tabular Report


To create a simple tabular report, select the data fields that you wish to include in the report in the Data Explorer and drag them to the Design Surface.

When you drop data fields onto the empty space in the document body, they are added to a new list as columns.

You can select multiple data fields by pressing CTRL or SHIFT.


To improve performance, Snap shows only the first 20 data rows of a list by default.

To change this setting, use the Editor Row Limit option, which is located on the List tab of the main toolbar.


To convert the layout of a list to a paragraph presentation, select the list you wish to convert and click the Convert to Paragraphs command in the List tab of the contextual Data Tools toolbar category.

Note that there is no reverse action allowing you to convert a Snap list back to the tabbed form.


The report should now appear as shown.


To remove a list header, select the list, click the Header command in the List tab of the main toolbar, and select Remove Header in the invoked drop-down menu.


To create a detail report, drag data fields from the child data table in the Data Explorer onto the lower border of the master report’s data row, as shown.


The added detail part will have a tabular form by default.


Click the Print Preview button in the General Tools: File tab of the main toolbar to view the preview.