Insert Page Header/Footer into Printed Documents


To insert a page header and page footer into a document, click the Header and Footer button on the toolbar. This will invoke the Header and Footer dialog.

Specify header and footer content using the appropriate text boxes, depending on the required alignment.
If needed, you can also adjust vertical alignment and font settings.

Click OK to save changes and close the dialog.


Specify Page Margins in Print Preview


To set document page margins, do one of the following.

Use the Page Setup dialog
In the Page Setup dialog, enter the required top, left, bottom and right page margins’ values into the appropriate editors.

Then, click OK to save changes.



Use drag-and-drop in the Print Preview window
To use this approach, point to the dotted line indicating the margin’s border. When the pointer changes to , drag the pointer to move the margin.

Change Printing Settings via the Page Setup Dialog


To start the page setup dialog box, do one of the following.

Click the Page Setup button on the toolbar.
On the File menu, click Page Setup…



This dialog allows you to do the following:
·    Change page orientation (choose Portrait or Landscape).
·    Select paper size.
·    Choose paper source.
·    Change page margins.

Print a Document using Default Settings

To send a document directly to the default printer without customizing print settings, do one of the following.

Click the Quick Print button on the toolbar.
On the File menu, click Print.

To learn how to select a printer, number of copies, and other printing options, refer to the Print a Document via the Print Dialog topic.

Print a Document via the Print Dialog


To print a document, do one of the following.

Click the Print button on the toolbar, or press CTRL+P.
On the File menu, click Print….

The Print dialog will be invoked.

Specify the necessary settings and click Print.
To print a document without invoking the Print dialog, see the Print a Document Using Default Settings topic.

Save a Print Preview to a File

Enable the Facing Layout View


If you’ve modified your document, and there’s a chance you’ll need to print out this document version more than once, you can save the document to a file on disk.

After that, you can simply load your document and print it out, without having to apply the same changes again.

To save a document to the file, click the Save button on the toolbar, or press CTRL+S.

On the invoked Save As dialog, locate a folder where you want to store your file, enter the document’s name and click Save.

Your document will be saved with the .prnx file extension. Note that this extension will be added to the file name even if you enter another one.