Switch Print Preview Display Mode

Enable the Facing Layout View


To enable the facing layout view, on the View menu, point to Page Layout, and then click Facing.

This allows you to preserve an entire page view, whether you resize the preview window, scroll a document or choose a multiple page view mode.


Enable the Continuous Layout View


To enable the continuous layout view, on the View menu, point to Page Layout, and then click Continuous.

This allows you to continuously scroll a page layout view.

Search for a Specific Text in Print Preview


To search for a specific text within a document, click the Search button on the toolbar, or press CTRL+F. The Find dialog will be invoked.

In this dialog, you can input the text to find, and specify whether to match case or the whole word during the search, or set the search direction.

To start searching, or search again, click Find Next or press ENTER.

Navigate in Print Preview Using Bookmarks

Show or Hide the Document Map


To show or hide the document map, click the Document Map button on the toolbar.

Go to a Specific Bookmark


To go to the specific bookmark, click it in the Document Map, and the appropriate text will be highlighted in the document.

Use the Hand Tool in Print Preview

The Hand Tool enables you to scroll content by dragging the document instead of using scrollbars.

To activate the Hand Tool, click the Hand Tool button on the toolbar.

Then, after you click a document’s page, the mouse pointer is changed from to . Drag the mouse pointer to scroll the document.

Show Two or More Pages in Print Preview


To preview two or more pages at one time, click the Multiple Pages button on the toolbar.

Then, in the invoked dialog, hover over the page icons, depending on the required number of pages to preview.

When the required number of pages has been selected, click the popup window to close it and apply changes to the document view.


Zoom Print Preview to Show Whole Pages or Fit Content


To zoom to a specific zoom factor, do one of the following.

Click the Zooming dropdown list button. The following list will be invoked.
Choose one of the zoom factor presets.

Zoom Documents to Display Whole Pages

To display one whole page at a time, click Whole Page.
To fit two pages into the current view, click Two Pages.

Zoom Print Preview In or Out

To zoom in a document, click the Zoom In button on the toolbar, or press CTRL+PLUS SIGN.

To zoom out of a document, click the Zoom Out button on the toolbar, or press CTRL+MINUS SIGN.

To zoom in or out of a document, you can also hold down CTRL and rotate the mouse wheel.

or Use the Magnifier Tool to switch between 100% and “fit whole page” views. Simply click anywhere in the document, to toggle views.