Why Building ToDo Lists Can Be A Massive Waste Of Time!

You have a lot of work to do and decide to take the advice of those so-called experts in getting stuff done and build yourself a ToDo list.

Every day you open up your ToDo list software and add more and more tasks while thinking this list is getting very big.

The Tasks continue to pile up while the completed list remains smaller and smaller.

Real world distractions happen all around us leaving us with a mountain of started but unfinished tasks.

Taking the time to figure out where we left a task eats away at even more precious time that we desperately need for more important things.

It's not uncommon for many to feel a depressed sense of helpless that nothing is getting done.

That is why it may be time for you to try a different approach.

Stop With The Time Wasting ToDo lists and Start Using KanbanXtreme Action Plans!

Turn Each Task Into A Complete Action Plan By Adding Supporting Documents, Spreadsheets, Mockup Images, Videos, Links, Diagrams, Mindmaps And Notes.

Attach all types of "How To" links and videos that help you finish never done before tasks.

Monitor any task status with the built in spreadsheets and charts.

Write out all emails, sales pages, ebooks, with the built in word editor.

Mark up any photos for landing pages, websites, ecommerce stores as feedback for hired designers.

Design task processes using the built in diagrams and mindmaps.

Never worry about where you left a task when you have all supporting documents ready and waiting for you to start working again.

Stay motivated when you see each task move from the beginning stages to completion.

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Create, Analyze and Brainstorm with Xtreme's Productivity Features

Packed with several types of apps that many companies sell as separate programs. You can do everything from creating ebooks to loan amortization spreadsheets to mindmapping video course ideas to diagramming sales funnels. 
No separate software programs needed!


Spreadsheets are a great way store, analyze, and present data. It is packed with power like cell formatting, columns, rows, tables, formulas, charts, pictures and hyperlinks to make your spreadsheet into a professional powerhouse.  

Charts  -  You can visualize data in the form of charts. Choose between columns charts, line charts, pie charts, bar charts, area charts, scatter charts, stock charts and radar charts. 

Functions  -   Spreadsheets has many built in functions such as mathematical, statistical, date & time, financial, logical, engineering, information, database and real time data.


Create, view and edit great looking documents with built-in features such as tables, floating objects, bookmarks, images, hyperlinks and spell checking.

Load, save and convert documents to multiple of formats including DOCX, HTML, RTF, TXT, XML, ODT, EPUB, MHT, and DOC and PDF.


No matter if you need to plan out sales funnels, email sequences, ad retargeting... putting it into a visual diagram format will help you better visualize the proces.

Diagrams comes with an abundant of shapes that can be dragged and dropped.

Using diagrams is not only a great visualizer but also a great way to track processes that are implemented.


Visually organize ideas and concepts in visual form. Creating mindmaps is a great way to unleash the power of your creativity...

Make mindmapping a daily habit and watch your productivity soar

Pdf Viewer

KanbanXtreme can save your pdf files within the software for easy organization and access.

Taking notes, attaching unlimited links and highlighting important passages are a few of the features that will get you the most out of your pdf's.

Kanban  Task Manager

Organizing For Maximum Productivity!

The whole goal for most of us is to get more done while working less. Knowing exactly what we need to do during the hours we work will help you complete those necessary tasks without wasting time.

Kanbans can be used to track and organize tasks for your business or as part of any service or consulting arrangements.

Image Mockups

They say an Image is worth a thousands words.

Take advantage of the power of images by screen capturing and mocking up key areas with shapes, arrows and text to document important feedback.

Share and/or Sell Your Projects...

Simply click on the share button and all Xtreme Programs will package your files (excluding external files such as videos) into a exe program that can be sold or given away.

When Share is clicked, a fully functional viewer is created that allows your customer to install and interact with your project. 

The Viewer has all the functionality as the main program. . The only restriction is they can only access that one project.

Standard Version

The standard version comes with the standard viewer that you can use to share your project.

Your customers can install the viewer and fully interact with your project.

The standard version does not allow your customers to further share any changes they made.

Professional Version:

The Professional version allows you to brand the viewer with your own title, splash screen, footer hyperlink, icon and software skin.

Not only can you brand the viewer, you can give your customers the ability to share their changes with other people.

The Professional version also allows you to configure how others can share your projects.

Sharing Types Available in Professional

  • No Sharing.
  • Allow Sharing - viewer will have your branding.
  • Allow PLR - allows your customers to brand the viewer before they click Share.
  • Allow to Offer PLR - allows your customers to offer PLR rights to the viewer when they click Share.

The Professional version is for those that plan on making money with their projects either through selling them as standalone products or adding them as bonuses to other products.

This is also a great way to set yourself apart when selling affiliate products.

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Disclaimer: Prices May Increase As  features are Added




  • A single license for one person.




Private Lable Rights to Viewer

Sell PLR rights Of Viewer To Others

  • A single license for one person.

Xtreme Package



MindmapXtreme Pro

DiagramXtreme Pro

KanbanXtreme Pro

PdfXtreme Pro

Total Savings of $541

  • A single license for one person.

KanbanXtreme runs on Windows 7 or Higher.

Refund Policy

All Xtreme programs have a fully functional demo that can be downloaded and used before purchasing. Since you are able to fully test out our programs prior to purchase, no refunds will be available once purchased and activated.


Licensing is on a per user basis. You can install KanbanXtreme on two computers as long as both are used by the same license holder.