Why Wouldn't You Want Your Own Custom Software For Your Business?

Your Business Is Unique And Requires Unique Solutions To Be Competitive!

Have you ever tried to sqeeze a square peg into a round hole?

That is exactly what you are doing when you rely on some off-the-shelf software program .

It may meet some or even most of your needs, but it never truly meets those 20% unique requirements that gives your business that competitive advantage.

You try to make it work, but then realize how much time you end up spending on those workarounds.

You End Up With A Eye Watering Amount Of Wasted Time That Could Have Been Better Spent On Work That Makes A Difference.

Smartflo Adapts To Your Business.

Capture The Exact Data That You Need.

With Smartflo you can drag and drop to build a form to capture the exact data in the exact format that you absolutely need.

Select from a full library of forms and editors that can display and edit data in the format you need.

Quickly adapt your software when your business changes.

Stop Wasting Time On Busy Work And Automate It.

We all have portions of our jobs that are absolutely horrendous. 

Start enjoying your work more by letting Smartflo automate those boring tasks while you concentrate on the more important stuff.

It's like having a army of employees working 24/7 and even on holidays!

Better Decison Making For More Success.

Your data is the blood that keeps your business alive.

That is why it is absolute a necessity be able to take all of that data and make sense out of it.

Data tells you what products to produce, what advertising is working, what sales funnels are converting the best and so on...

Smartflo's built in dashboards and reports will help you make sense of that data to make better decisions and be more successful.

How You Work Is Important!

The more productive you are the less time you work and the more you make.

That is why really smart people put so much emphasis on business processes.

Smartflo contains many different productivity features like task management, document, spreadsheets, diagrams, mindmaps and more...

What makes these productivity features different, to other popular software programs, is that most of those productivity features are accessible through the built-in automation.

Wouldn't Life Be Easier If Software Did 87% Of The Work For You?

What Would You Do With All That Free Time?

If you spent a little time looking at your typical daily tasks...   you may end up getting sick to your stomach.

We spend a stupid amount of hours doing really tedious, boring, soul sucking tasks that, to be honest, a trained monkey could do.

These are tasks that we shouldn't really be doing.

They don't really make us more money.

We don't do them because it makes us happy.

We just know they need to get done and that is part of business.

Be honest, you can probably think of 100 other things you would rather do than spend time on the computer sending out emails, installing scripts, processing refunds or checking traffic stats.

It may be time to rethink how you work!

Imagine having a software program grab all those traffic stats, build a report and email it to you so you can look at it from your camping trip or boat ride.

Let Smartflo's built-in automation perform as many of those tasks (which will probably would be an enourmous amount) for you.

Software Automation Is A Billion Dollar Market And Growing.

More and more companies are seeing how automation will be a absolute necessity.

The smart companies understand they can't afford to allow their competitors to gain a huge advantage which is why there is so much money being invested.

Automation will play a crucial role in not only doing mundane tasks, but also bridging webservices.These are tasks that we shouldn't really be doing.

Pulling data from a webservice, make a decision and update a totally different webservice is fast becoming the norm.

Smartflo becomes your central hub for online webservices.

What Can You Automate in Smartflo?

Smartflo Interacts With Many Popular Webservices.

More webservices are being added on a monthly basis.

Mix and match automation actions to produce scripts that will take care of most if not all of your needs.

Database Actions

Full access to Smartflo's database including adding, retrieving, deleting and updating of records.

Webpage Actions

Control interactions with webpages as if you were doing it by hand.  

FTP Actions

Set up multiple ftp accounts for uploads, downloads, synchronizations and permissions.

Email Actions

Send emails, retrieve emails, search for emails using Smtp, POP3 and IMAP.

Web Scraping Actions

Scrape data from any web page on the internet. Saving to the Smartflo database to be used in Dashboards, Spreadsheets and Reports.

Cloud Storage

Upload, download and control various files/folders in Amazon S3...  coming soon Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Box accounts.

Reporting Actions

Generate full featured reports, adhoc reports, save reports in various formats, print reports or attach reports to emails.

Spreadsheet Actions

Create or manipulate spreadsheets including worksheets, columns, rows, cells and mail merge data.

Document Actions

Load existing documents, create new documents, save documents and even mail merge data with document templates.

Zip File Actions

Add files to existing zip files, create new zip files and unzip existing files.

Kanban Project Actions

Create new projects, add cards to existing projects, delete cards, set statuses, update labels and attach differents types of documents to cards including word docs, spreadsheets, reports, hyperlinks and notes.

Files/Folder Actions

All the importan File and folder operations including creating, renaming, searching, moving, copying and deleting are included.

Http Actions

Make direct http calls including POST, GET, using cookies for fast website interactions.

Text Actions

Check, edit, manipulate and convert text values.

Flow Actions

Build more responsive scripts with the use of If, Loops, Sequences, and Flow Charts.

Date/Time Actions

Get days/months/years from dates, check dates and perform addition for future dates.

Calculation Actions

Perform calculations directly within your scripts on data and retrieve output in various formats.

Online Databases

Securely interact with any of your website online MySql databases.

Start Automating Your Business Right Now...

Smartflo Connects The Data, On Your Websites, To Other Scripts and Services...

We live in a world where we log into multiple websites and services each and everyday.

Doing business online has both become easier and harder.

One website script may track our leads while a completely different script takes payments and delivers our products.

We need a way to take control of all the data from multiple sources!

Smartflo Is The Central Command Center For Your Online Empire!

All that data from services and scripts flow through Smartflo allowing you to see how everything relates to each other.

With Smartflo, you will be able to visualize where you first got a lead, what emails was sent to the lead, what that lead clicked on and how many times they purchased.

No matter how many scripts or services it took to get that customer to purchase that product.

Decision Making Can Be Easy...

It is getting more and more difficult to make decisions when information is in many different locations and formats.

Smartflo pulls all of that data, in all those formats, into one central location.

Plug all that data into Smartflo's built-in fully customizeable Dashboards, Spreadsheets, Reports and be amazed.

The insights that you will see will shock you!

Drag and Drop Custom Solutions For Your Unique Business...

All businesses are unique and with that require unique solutions. We know your pain, as ellow online entrepreneurs, and built in features that allow you to create those customer solutions.

Choose From Several Types of Forms

Different Forms Come With Different Features

Grid Form

The grid form is the most common form. It comes with a grid list view and a detail view is shown when double clicking on a record. You can group, filter, find and create formatting rules based on column values.

Pivot Form

The pivot form is great for processing large amounts of data. All data is shown within the pivot form. You can swtich between the pivot view and a grid view when it comes time to do some data entry or editing.  

Treelist Form

This is the form to use when you want to display a parent child like relationship. Clicking on one node shows all children. Double clicking on the record also brings up the detail view of that record. You can filter, find and create formatting rules based on column values.

Singleton Form

A singleton form has no lists since there will be only one record. This form displays a detail view of one record. This is a typical form you would see when storing main "settings" type of data.

Schedule Form

The schedule form will give you a calender like interface for appointments and tasks. Double click anywhere on the schedule to bring up the appointment window. Changing views to daily, weekly, monthly and timeline is a easy click.

Diagram Form

Displays a diagramming designer with many different shapes that can be dragged onto the main diagramming area. Add relationships, styling and text to any shape to illustrate different types of processes.

Mindmap Form

Displays a mindmap designer allowing you to brainstorm different ideas. You can change styles of nodes, add images, change shapes and more... to fully realize great ideas at a quick pace.

Document Form

Stores a list of documents within Smartflo. When opening a record, a complete word processing platform is available where you can create ebooks, marketing material, training material, help files, etc...

Document Merge Form

Creates a template form that contains variables that will be merged with data. Great for setting up invoices, mailers, or other specialized documents.


Pdf Form

Displays a list of pdf documents that is stored within Smartflo. Double clicking a record will open the pdf document inside a internal Pdf Viewer. The viewer allows you to highlight text and even take notes on specific pages.

Spreadsheet Form

Stores spreadsheets within Smartflo. Opening a record will open the spreadsheet into a fully functional spreadsheet component. Add new worksheets, select from a library of formulas, style rows and columns. Enjoy everything a modern spreadsheet application should have.

Spreadsheet Merge Form

Create spreadsheet templates with variables that can later be merged with data. You can generate great looking spreadsheets, with charts, at a click of a button.

Click Get Smarflo To Find Out Your How Much You Customer Is Worth...

Smartflo is Mind-Blowing Productivity...

It's difficult being productive when we rely on many different types of applications to complete our business.

We jam packed most of the typical productivity programs that everyone uses day-to-day. Making everything accessible within one location saves massive time.

Most Productivity Features are also accessible within the Automation allowing for mind-blowing productivity.

Many Of The Productivity Features Could Be Sold As Separate Programs.


Take advantage of Smartflo's unique take on mindmapping to help you better analyze, structure, and comprehend ideas and information.


Build out business processes like sales funnels or email sequences with a huge library of drag and drop shapes.


Store, analyze, collect and merge data into spreadsheets that can later be saved in the most common formats.


Building and storing great looking documents is fast and easy.

Pdf Viewer

Get the most out of locally categorized pdf's with note taking and text highlighting.


Incorporate Key Performance Indicators to track business goals.

State Machine

Defines a set of states and their corresponding transitions for custom forms.

Custom Forms

Build a one of a kind software solution by creating unlimited custom forms for special business needs.


Create beautiful reports for internal use or to send to existing customers.

Ad-Hoc Reports

Generate fast, professional looking reports within a more familiar word-like designer.

Task Manager

Work more efficiently by keeping track of progress with the built in Kanban Task Manager.

Start Making Life Easier By Clicking BUY NOW.

Disclaimer: Prices May Increase As  features are Added

$47 Monthly

  • A single license for one person.

Smartflo runs on Windows 7 or Higher.

30 Day Refund Policy

We have a no questions asked 30 day refund policy. All Refunds are processed within one week.  Software will not work once refund is processed.


Licensing is on a per user basis. You can install Smartflo on two computers as long as both are used by the same license holder.