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2018 Year End Update

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  • 2018 Year End Update

    An update if you will.

    I am getting ready for a very big release. This has been the biggest since I redid ESB and added Automation.

    Premium PLR

    I finally have an update for Webkonect. I apologize for it taking so long but it got wrapped up in the webservices functionality I was adding to the other programs. They all work off the same code.

    Quickdata, a personal ESB version, will be released.

    StripeKonect will also be released. Similar to PayKonect but works with Stripe.

    PayKonect has invoices added.

    I am also close to getting a Step By Step document builder finished (like ScreenShot/Screensteps). Should be available early next year.


    This is huge.

    You will soon have the ability to interact with webservices. Most big websites have what is called an API. It allows programmers to interact with the website by pulling, adding or deleting data.

    If you look at Zapier and other companies, in that market, they simply interact with webservices or API's. People pay a lot money for being able to do so and now you will have it available in ESB.

    Zapier is up to 38 million a year last year. I'm also seeing Microsoft getting into the market which means big bucks. I already posted this, but Robotic Process Automation is slated to be a 8 billion dollar market in the next 4 or so years. There is a tremendous amount of money in this automation stuff. That is exactly why I built Smartflo. haha

    Unfortunately, webservices or API's will only be available in the Expert version since it relies on Automation in order to make the webservice calls.

    The Pro and Expert versions will be able to interact with online mysql databases in the next release. I added the Webkonect functionality into ESB. While your customers won't be able to create their own projects, like in Webkonect, this is something you can do for them.


    Another big one. I have already listed all of the webservices already added.

    Like ESB, you will also be able to add your own webservices in the same matter.

    Don't worry, I want to get into a habit of adding one or more webservices every month until we get to the point where there isn't anything else to add.

    Your Data Repository:

    The big goal going forward is building up ways that you can use data, from many different webservices, to help your business. An example, is getting an email and being able to see all transactions for that person.

    That is what I am building towards and will be soon finished implementing that example.

    When Smartflo interacts with Stripe, Paypal or other transactions webservices, it saves a record in the local database (stored on your computer and only available to you) of that transaction. That way when you get an email, from a customer, Smartflo can immediately show all the products purchased by that customer.

    I will be also be building this out more with analytics. When I plug into Google and other analytics, I will approach it similar to transactions by storing it locally. That way you will be able to see when a customer entered into your sales funnels and what steps they took before and after the purchase.

    Xtreme Series

    I didn't forget about this series.

    I updated many components to add more functionality to things like spreadsheets and documents.

    I added a browser feature that will allow you to display a webpage within the program. It will work similar to how you are able to add links to notes.

    General Changes:

    All programs are also moving towards SVG images. Since we are getting higher resolution displays, this is a inevitable need that I decided to add into this update. This will also mean a change to the skins available. Not all skins will be SVG compliant.

    Affilate Program

    After I get this released, I will be opening up the affiliate center where you can earn 50% of sales for all products. I have already been reworking the main sales page at

    I want affiliates to make 6 figures or more sending referrals. Not to mention a monthly or yearly recurring income.

    Smartflo will sell for $47 a month. The market is huge.

    50% of 200 customers would be $4700 a month or $56,000 a year. Getting 200 customers out of millions should be a rather easy goal if you put your mind to it. I know I am planning on getting 2,000 customers or $1.2 million within the next year. I plan on working an hour or two a day to get that 2,000 magic number.


    P.S. Have a great holiday and be safe!