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Grid view columns resetting layout

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  • Grid view columns resetting layout

    Hi Thomas,

    I have different issue with the same software (You have a copy of) but, a different customer.

    It appears that the software has reset the my customized layout and all of the fields in the grid view are showing when he starts the software. He hides the fields in the "grid view" but, upon relaunching the software it reverts back to displaying all of the fields.

    I have not updated the software. He has the original Software version.


    Here are examples of what is going on from the customers emails to me...

    The screen captures he refers to are just a before and after of the layout being changed.... I can send them to you if needed? It is basically looks like it does after you I add editors and run the software from within the designer and go to customize the layout.

    First when I opened the program It had a view of all the fields (columns) which is not the way it had been. I tried to first restore a backup thinking that would get it back. No luck and the whole thing froze. Then I tried to restore the program which finally worked. But now the format is different. There are a whole lot of fields (columns) and nothing looks like it did nor does it look like the screen shots on your web site. Plus no matter how many times I hide all the fields (columns) to get it simple they come back when I open the program back up. Attached is a picture of the magic tricks page that I want to make simple with fewer columns.

    The capture 2 picture shows how all the fields( columns) are now. This is different than the way I was using and the way they show on your web site.
    Capture 3 pic shows the way it was before and the way I am used to.


    I am running windows 10 home build 18363.592. Here is what happened as best I remember.

    I started the program as usual to add a trick. When I did so the screen opened to the screen as previously shown as capture. It also appeared as best I could tell not all my magic was showing. I figured it was a glitch and tried to install a backup of my info. After doing this it appeared to be the same thing. I then tried to restore the program. The screen seemed to stay o , please wait as we update, or something to that effect. After about 20 minutes I gave up and shut down the computer and rebooted. Then when I tried staring the program it appeared to work. I then re applied my backup and all was there, however, when attempting to add a new item to magic I got the screen previously sent as capture 2. This was not like I originally had. I originally had a screen that looked like capture 3. Also every time I try to hide most of the columns seen in capture 1 they come back when I re open the program. I hope that makes sense.

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    Hi JIM,

    Gotcha, I will look into this and try to get any issues fixed for the next release.



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      Thanks, I do have his backup file if needed....Just let me know.