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  • Congrats Robbie! I absolutely hate Paypal after working with their api.



    • Originally posted by TigerSoftware View Post
      Congrats Robbie! I absolutely hate PayPal after working with their api.
      I absolutely agree :O
      I hear stripe api is better so i will look into that shortly to see if i can add that in too.


      • Originally posted by schmutly View Post
        I absolutely agree :O
        I hear stripe api is better so i will look into that shortly to see if i can add that in too.
        Stripe's api is a lot better. Unfortunately there is a lot of people using Paypal so I need to add it. I had everything done and found out yesterday they have deprecated the Paypal invoicing api I am using. I needed to change it to the new version and it wasn't backwards compatible. I'm talking drastic changes. Majority of their features are on version one while Invoicing and Orders are on version two. Things like how you need to send money amounts are different between version one and version two. There was no reason to change things like that, but they did it.


        • ****UPDATE***

          There will be no more need for any extra IPN plugin or any plugin from Angell
          I was able to incorporate my own (from a modified one) into ESB plugin. ^_^
          A tiny bug on a different issue but ill sort that out.
          He told me the non-upgraded one should be working with sandbox but it isn't.
          Anyway, its a non issue now.
          Will update when finished.

          I also added multiple IPN Broadcasting (up to 3 URLS) as well.
          I will need to edit the plugin docs and i have manually tested the broadcasting
          and it works but not added into the ESB plugin yet but will asap.

          UPDATE (posted 26.8.19)-- on multi IPN:

          This works...but a fair bit of checking over the weekend would make this not reliable
          "IF" you used a host of other plugins that used the notify_url feature that PayPal gives
          that can be added to buttons,form etc..which would over-ride what you set in your
          PayPal IPN.
 i said in beginning to setup a wordpress site to only do the selling of
          your software with no other plugins except the basic setup (WooCommerce seems to work
          fine with ESB IPN....little more testing ) then there's no need for the multi-IPN as you just set
          it yourself in the button 'advanced text parameter with the alternative URL.
          I will LEAVE it in....its a separate file at the moment and i will integrate it into the plugin
          eventually, it works as is now, in the root of my wordpress install but it could be placed in
          any folder of your site and PayPal's IPN URL would point to that multi-IPN file there.
          Ex: http://yoursite/multisend-ipn-folder/esb_multi_ipn.php as example.
          Eventually you'd put in the 3 or 2 other sites in the ESB plugin.

          For now there's only ESB Plugin & I suggest Woo plugin as well and then your good to go
          in selling software and getting a customers IP address upon them installing it and ESB plugin
          will automatically let you know of a sale and its details...send them their purchase info as well
          as auto emailing them a serial number/or email (for them to put their PayPal buying email) into software to activate it.

          Finishing up that now and those who have the beta testing will 'SEE' an update in their
          wordpress PLUGINS page.

          that's it for the update info for today.
          PS: to reiterate...the multi-ipn works fine. Just i will supply it as separate file
          if needed as i don't think many would use it anyway. Why? Your selling one
          or a dozen different software's you make but they all can "EXIST" in this ONE
          wordpress installation and be activated and sent different serial numbers for
          different software's so thereby making the management of ALL ACTIVATION'S
          from the same WordPress multi-ipn really just wasted a little of my
          time HAHA....cause i wont even need/use it myself.
          Make sense?


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          • **UPDATE** October 28th 2019

            so you Americans are backward...(time wise lol) well...its the 28th in my world .

            So this update fixes an issue with clearing the IP addresses.
            Watch the video to see what i mean.
            Also...i am about to upload (today or tomorrow - you'll know as you'll see ESB Plugin telling
            you there's an update version in WordPress ) some fixes, the above and also you will need to
            1. Uninstall all Angell's plugins...ALL of them...don't need.
            2. More instructions to Haven't tried this myself yet so i better make a step-by-step
            to make sure all goes smooth.
            3. Once HIS plugins are uninstalled you could probably do the ESB plugin update and it will work
            as it's just updating the esb plugin. I "WILL" test it first with an older version & let u know.

            Video of IP changes here:

            Last edited by schmutly; 10-28-2019, 01:29 AM.


            • I'm consolidating the licensing code so I can add it to all programs. I wanted to make sure I didn't screw up your plugin Robbie. How are you parsing the url when ESB sends the activation request? Would it be easier if I sent the email/serial and software name as query parameters?



              • Sorry for late reply Thomas..
                It should be fine. It's easy as it is. Query parameters is ok too if you need to i will work with it.
                The plugin side is fine actually..I'll send the php via PM anyway.
                It wont muck anything up..if its all left 'as is' is ok with me unless you need to change how it
       with the license file that you sent me?
                Let me know. Im easy either way

                ps: were flat out at work as working at the RAAF (royal australian air force) base with cleaning company
                and its the busiest time of year while all the air force,army, defense are in stand-down for Christmas..
                early rises @ 4.50am lol & 1.10 hr drive to work with a 42c temp very hot heat wave air con in car
                as it died HAHA....other then that all is good lol

                Got 5 days off so working on it some more...let me know what you change IF you do. :P


                • STRIPE integration almost ready