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  • Germany

    I have a question before you buy! Is it possible the navigation software (for example, save and close, and so on) to rewrite German. I would like to develop a pure German software. Thank you in advance for your answer. greeting Guenther

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    Tiger Software buy?

    Which version should I buy? In order to realisieren.Und profesioenlle software where I can buy the software? Thank you in advance for your answer. greeting Guenther

    Sorry, my english is not so good.


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      Hi Freudi,

      There isn't a way to build it in German yet, but that is on the list to do for this year. Most of the newer things will be added to the Pro version, like the language translations.

      Here is a comparison between versions.

      I would also like to remind you that all videos and documentation is done in English. Your English is good here but I don't know if you understand well and don't want you to have a hard time learning how to use our software builder.




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        Thank you for the answers!

        Thank you for the answers! Then I'll practice with 45 years just a little more English.

        nice greetings from Germany, GŁnther


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          Originally posted by cispas2000
          Hi, Thomas,

          I am also interested in a way to edit the entire GUI in other languages (like German, Chinese, Romanian, etc) since there are local businesses and markets and clients might think the GUI is not professionally designed if the GUI is in English and the rest of the Editors are in their language. They might not buy the product if not fully designed in their language too, because I understand them, it looks a bit not very friendly or discriminatory for their mother tongue to say the least.
          I noticed your below message about adding this feature in 2012 on TSB Pro: language translations.

          Has it been implemented yet ?

          Please understand that potential clients might have objections to buy the software, if two thirds is in English and one third in their language. If the clients ask me to change the GUI, I have to reply: I cannot do it and again a bad point for me.

          user of TSB Express
          Hi Christian,

          Not yet, but I am planning on this year. I am still working on getting the new version out. Luckily, the language has been partially added to the new version. After the new version is released, it will be a matter of going through the code and setting up the different messages to allow for you to translate. It will be an easy update once the new version is released.

          I think that is great to go to local businesses. That will really go good with payment processing that will be implemented in the Pro version later this year.