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Results so far with selling the New PLR Manager ESB version

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    yeah i right
    We all have wasted tons on stuff in the past.
    It felt good for 10 secs to let off ok now ^_^
    ESB will give us that edge hahahahaha waaaahahahaha :-/


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      Great info guys and thanks for the insight and thinking in the different business models, for me I prefer to be out of the IM market,

      Just need to find a niche we are interested in and a way our software we create can make their life easier, As an Idea I have a friend who runs seminars on Rent to Rent which is basically you set your self up to manage a clients property for them, you guarantee them a fixed rent income even when the property is empty, He has about 40 in the group each manage an average of 5 property's which are multi lets so there is a lot to keep track of, a few top one have over 20 they manage. So property management would be a good fit for software like ESB,
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