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Has anyone made any sales via the Trial method?

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  • Has anyone made any sales via the Trial method?

    Like offering 5 - 10 uses and then having them pay to continue?

    I'm about to launch my first software product on ClickBank (I'm thinking $47 with 65% commission to give $30 per sale to affiliates...should help gain interest)

    But also promoting the software through the software directories and with a trial version of the software to see if I can get any sales that way! (Not to mention in the PAD file I'll link back to my sales page with the keywords I'm targeting to see if that helps with backlinks)

    Thoughts? Thomas perhaps you have?
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    I have a free weight loss tracker with clickbank products in it, but haven't made any sales. I have 77 confirmed people signed up to the autoresponder. It sends out 11 messages.

    I used Robosoft to submit it to the directories.

    It's my first try, and sort of discouraging, but I'll keep working at it.


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      I have one 39.97 sale with one product and two 19.97 sales with another. Both use the 5 free trial uses, and I haven't tried it without free usages. At first, I set them up with 14 free uses...that is too many, I think.

      I may do a test with no free trials. When I have some time.

      Good luck,


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        Trial or no trial, you have to get enough people to see your offer.

        I used to sell real estate software for over 2k per download. I sold quite a few and yes they had a trial. I just didn't market it enough otherwise I would still be selling them. That was when I first came online to market my software. I have learned a lot since than and will get back to that niche in a couple of months.

        You also need to make sure the software is what people want.

        I can't tell you how many flops I had. At least not I can create a flop very fast with TSB so I can get on to the next software. It really is about the offer.

        I remember a time back in Art class where I had to take a 3 dimensional sculpture class. I hated it. Well, we were suppose to create something out of wire and I managed to come up with the ugliest thing possible the night before. I also drank quite a few beers and was quite shocked I got anything done. Well, I knew enough about art classes at the time to know I needed to come up with some type of story as to what I tried to accomplish. I managed to create some story and ended up with a great score. My roomate laughed at me and said he was going to switch degree. lol

        The reason I say this is because the offer will still be one of the most important things in your software sales.



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          Hello everyone,

          Found this video training about Free Trials that I thought was interesting and thought I would share it with everyone. I have no affiliation with this marketing group but the free info I thought was interesting.


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            Thanks Roland,
            Very interesting and great info, this should help us get the best results from our own software sales campaigns.

            Bulldog Software: software with bite