Not everyone learns the same way.

Some respond better to videos.

Some would rather read from a pdf.

While others like to visualize concepts in diagram form.

It can get hair pulling crazy trying to learn a concept delivered in videos when you don't know why the steps are necessary or in what order they need to be done.

Or reading a Pdf that doesn't quite show you the step by step details like a video would!

These types of frustratingly bad learning experiences can lead to bad feelings and buyer remorse.

Now imagine going through a learning course with a diagram that showed the complete process, from start to end, with videos and pdfs attached to each step.

Seeing how everything relates will lead to a better understanding, faster learning and just makes for a much more enjoyable experience.

How Can Xtreme Software Give You And Your Customers A Fun Learning Experience?

The Xtreme series doesn't force people into one type of learning experience.

Instead, you can mix and match videos, diagrams, mindmaps, spreadsheets, word documents, pdf's, task lists and image mockups to build your own unique experiences.

Learning Doesn't Stops When The Course Ends.

You wouldn't stop learning a concept once you read one pdf or take a course.

Chances are you spent a ton of time watching Youtub videos, reading blogs, purchased a few books and possibly some high priced courses.

That is a lot of information scattered across a lot of different places.

The Xtreme series understands that you never stop learning.

That is why you can take a simple pdf and continue building upon that basic knowledge with more information, more concepts, more details...

What started out as a simple pdf may end up becoming a huge course that people would pay thousands of dollars to use.


Mindmapping is a great way to make complex subjects into simple easy-to-understand concepts that anyone could understand. This can be used in learning new concepts or brainstorming new ideas.

MindmapXtreme takes it even further by adding in different types of media to further your learning experience.

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Diagrams are a great way to visualize a step by step process.

Breaking down concepts into small steps helps make complex processes easier to learn.

Every time you click on a step, a list of supporting videos, pdf's, spreadsheets, images, mindmaps and docs will be available for more details.

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Ebooks have taken over the internet!

You almost never stop at just one ebook, but rather read many different ebooks, watch several videos, and read many different blogs to become an expert in any topic.

PdfXtreme allows you to bring all of those sources together around the content of a single Pdf file.

Each page can have different videos, documents, spreadsheets, diagrams and mindmaps attached allowing you to futher immerse into a unique learning experience.

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Our required tasks seems to always increase leaving us little time for anything else.

Being organized is the key to pushing through a lot of work in little time. Task management is only the start of that organization.

KanbanXtreme not only allows you to maintain multiples of projects, but also helps you build upon each task with many different supporting documents including, word, spreadsheets, videos, mindmaps, and diagrams to help you get your work done in lightening speed.

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