Date variable not showing in dialog?


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So I have a date popup...that's cool. Storing the date format in dateVAR -->
So when I click the message to use the dateVAR as the message output i can't see it as a variable choice in the list
Is that meant to show the above variables in the script or do I need to select it from the variables tab (which I haven't tried yet?)
Again I apologize Thomas as it's a How? What? question and may NOT be a bug but a user error.
Thank You.


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There's TONS of new stuff in here thanks, Thomas :)
I'm just going through them..that's all.
Hope your ok šŸ˜Š

Yeah, I've been a little busy. lol

Doing good, working on help docs. Or still fighting with the program I created to help me do help docs. Hoping to get them out pretty quickly.